The joint power of social media and video content

We all know social media has its good points and bad points, and love it or loathe it (or somewhere in the middle) it is here to stay. And only going to get bigger.

The same can be said for video content and video marketing which in the last few years has risen in both popularity for various reasons (a subject I will expand on further in a separate post shortly)

Join social media and video content together, and if played right you can have a winning combination to promote your message.

So with it being Friday and the end of the working week for most of you, I thought I would share this tweet today by The Coastguard Team  (@Coastguard Team)  which I think demonstrates does just that.

First and foremost it warns about the dangers of being by the coast in the current stormy conditions caused by #StormCallum, yet whilst the message copy is informative and authoritative (especially given who they are and what they do), the nice subtle touch of humour with the Lego character from the video content element further emphasises and reinforces what is a very serious point and message.

Do you agree?

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