Blogging and a blooming local business three decades on

After what has been a pretty busy few weeks, I finally have chance to draw a bit of breath and look back on a couple of things from the last few months.

It might only be a day or so, but sometimes you just need to take a step and take stock of what has gone on, or in this case what has been produced and gone out in various directions.

So, going back to October, and the first of a couple of recent blog post articles for Rugby First on local business in the town.

Rugby First is the town's ‘not for profit’ Business Improvement District (BID) organisation which is led by businesses trading in the town centre.  I was kindly commissioned by them to interview a couple of local businesses based in Rugby town centre and then produce a series of short blog articles on what they do, how they started, their hopes for the future and thoughts on the Rugby town centre.  All this was for Rugby First's website and their Levy Paying Member's Newsletter.

The first focus was on another of Rugby's success stories, Jeans Flowers Rugby who are shortly due to be celebrating 30 years of trading in The Rugby Town.


I have to say it was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable exercise, not only to get an insight into a fellow local business and the challenges they face, but also to gauge their thoughts to how they see the town centre arena as a whole, and what could be done to make it better.

You can find out their thoughts by reading the article here and here



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