Day 44 of 45 Days Of Rugby

Day 44 and the penultimate day of 45 Days Of Rugby, with today also being the day of the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final.

Today has a short series of images and a video to capture the morning's events.


The drizzle and rain on the way to watching the game at the Macready Theatre perhaps was a prelude to what was to come.


Still, the heightened anticipation inside pre-match was clearly evident


And especially when it came to the singing of the national anthems.



How as the game went on and South Africa looked to be clearly the more dominant and cohesive, it was all getting a bit tense with the first signs (to me anyway) that it was not going to be England's day.



And so it proved.

Not the result and outcome that we wanted for @englandrugby here in @therugbytown. 

So a day (or morning) which offered much hope, anticipation and optimism for @englandrugby ultimately ended in disappointment in Japan, beaten it has to be said by better side @bokrugby on the day.

The consolation is many of us got to watch it unfold in the very impressive @macreadytheatre at @rugbyschool1567.



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