Interview on local community radio

It's been said a few times in jest that I have a great face for radio (yes, you read that correct) and normally my involvement with this media tends to be with the written word (naturally).

So it was a pleasant change over the weekend to revert to the spoken word for once and on a topic I have a lot of interest and passion for.

With the new cricket season about to get underway, I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by Rugby and Daventry Community Radio's Ed Clucas on his Saturday Morning 'Elevenses at The Weekend' Show.

The crux of the chat was to focus on Willoughby Cricket Club, with whom I have a long association with as player, junior cricket manager, team(s) coach, committee member and press and media officer.

Without going into too much detail, we looked at the challenges of the last year with cricket particularly at grassroots level and what lies ahead for the coming months (thankfully with the new season starting on time).

To hear the chat, click the link HERE (we go from about the 26 minute mark!)



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