It’s good to talk

Last week I wrote on my blog about how small things can make a difference.

And how sometimes the most minor and trivial of matters can pale into insignificance over the bigger things in life.

And wouldn’t you know it, I have stumbled across something today along similar lines.

The Campaign to End Loneliness is a part of Independent Age, a registered charity in the UK. They believe that people of all ages need connections that matter, and with that here’s two statements from research which are quite staggering.

  • There are nine million lonely people in the UK - and four million of them are older people.
  • And, almost half of UK adults say that their busy lives stop them from connecting with other people.

Isn’t that rather sad?

In my blog post I mentioned about how two short and unexpected conversations had something of an uplifting effect on me in their different ways. And one brought a few things into wider perspective.

(link to that blog post is here)

So with that and coming across those statistics, it made me wonder – are and were these people lonely?  Are they simply looking for someone to talk to?  Maybe they were and are, maybe not.  But even so I'm glad we made that speaking connection.

It also made me think who do we know out there who could be lonely and is just looking for a chat to brighten their day?

Do you know someone perhaps? It could a family member or a friend who is simply waiting and hoping for that chance to speak to someone.

It’s worth thinking about – even just for a few minutes – don't you think?

Find out more about The Campaign to End Loneliness here.

And why not perhaps think about striking up a conversation with someone today. It could be someone you know, it could be someone you don’t, but a quick hello and a chat could make a difference and someone’s day.

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