PR & Media Relations

When people think about public relations - or PR, the first impressions that spring to mind are big firms or agency 'executives' sitting around a desk, throwing out a string of metaphoric buzzwords, spinning the truth, simply trying to get publicity for their clients.

That approach may work for some people, but with me nothing can be further from the truth.

Any level of PR and media activity is all about creating a good relationship between client and the public.

I have over 15 years experience of doing just that, creating news-driven editorial presence in a wide range of broadcast, written and electronic press and media.

How I can help you

I can write your press releases for you and distribute your key messages to a full range of targeted consumer and trade media.

I can also help develop a more in-depth and timely public relations plan of action over any given time period. Several of my clients use my services acting as their very own PR department.

No requirement or commitment is too big or small.

I always ensure an efficient turn-around of material, with copy which is interesting, engaging, and tightly and accurately written.

From there? I have built a well-established network of contacts to enable maximum usage in the regional, national and trade press.

What you will find is that I provide a high-quality value-for-money service, and one which does not come at highly-inflated agency prices!

And remember, unlike many agencies or big organisations, you will not be passed from one ‘account executive’ person to another. You can look forward to me being your sole point of contact from start to finish.

Sound good? Why not get in touch to see how I can help you.

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