45 Days of Rugby

Here's a little mini-project and challenge I have set myself for the next month and a half during the Rugby World Cup of which I hope you will follow too. 

You will hopefully be aware that I am a travel and leisure copywriter, with a unique stand point as such especially given my area of interest and expertise. I am based in and write from the birthplace of the rugby football - Rugby, England. In fact I was born and bred here, so you could say I know the place rather well. I even had the pleasure of writing and assisting with the production of the town's tourism arm, The Rugby Town, Visitor Guide last year. (catch up on my bio here)

No doubt you will also be aware that the 2019 Rugby World Cup is being held in Japan and is about to start, running from 20th September to 2nd November.

So here is my challenge and mini-project.

Each day during the 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament (a total of 44 days) I will be adding a new image to this website and my social media channels with the aim to produce a collection of images - and the odd video - of places and [where possible] people here in the birthplace of rugby. And with it being the Rugby World Cup, the daily addition will be on different points of interest here in Rugby all to do with the game of rugby.

As one of my straplines of many years ago had me saying, there is 'More to Rugby than just rugby', and believe me there is. A lot more, and it is something of which I will go into more detail with on my travel blog - The LandLocked Traveller here in due course.

For now though, the focus for the next 45 days will be on Rugby: the town and birthplace of the game, and its the sights and connections to rugby, and it starts below on Rugby World Cup 'Eve'.

Look out for the my daily posts here on this website and blog section.

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