That was the month just gone

Finally time to take stock for five minutes or so, and reflect on a busy month of November.

Here's an insight into what I've been up to... in no particular order

1. Thrilled to have and be working with a new client: Emizon Networks, also based in Rugby and also with offices worldwide.

2. a visit to the very elegant Lamport Hall & Gardens in Northamptonshire, as part of a county-wide focus feature on Northants for Discover Britain's Gardens, Historic Homes & Castles feature. (look out for my extended review of my visit to Lamport coming shortly on this very blog)

IMG_3707 Lamport Hall in the 1890s

3. With Christmas in mind, social media and e-mail marketing of Crazy Catch Rebound Nets.


4. After-schools cricket coaching for Twenty20 Cricket Company at Paddox Primary School in Rugby

5. A series of Q & A articles for Twenty20 International, per their sponsorship of Germany's 50-over Bundesliga [cricket] in 2014

6. A very enjoyable - if not too short, stay at Bovey Castle in Devon, as guest of Mrs Q's employers, T(n)S Catering, to celebrate their 10th anniversary

7. Running around 'on set' of a soon-to-be-aired pilot show, set at a country house residence on the Warwickshire/Leicestershire border. Said residence was transformed into a hotel, with said 'pilot' to be aired on one of the major British TV networks in the New Year (that is all I can say at this present time)

8. PR work for Twenty20 International, per their sponsorship of Germany's 50-over Bundesliga [cricket].

9. Pushing one's running and general fitness work a little bit further, with this and this tentatively in mind for 2014 (recommend you check out

10. A pre-Halloween visit to Kenilworth Castle. Having been there once in 30 odd years, I seem to have managed to get their annually for whatever reason in the last six! Nevertheless, a good day out

11. Couple of articles related to Halloween here and here

12. Article on very local connections to Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night

13. editorial for Discover Britain for Groups magazine

14. editorial and feature development for Discover Britain's Gardens, Historic Homes & Castles magazine (including point 2. above)

So...onto December!


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