Who I work with

With nearly 30 years of professional experience gained both in the UK and overseas, I continue to work with a wide variety of clients in several industry sectors.

They are:-

  • travel and tourism
  • indoor and outdoor leisure
  • sport and fitness
  • marine

My clients are wide-ranging from local and regional businesses, to national organisations and companies with a domestic and international reach. They include:-

  • Destinations and tourism bodies including Destination Management Partnerships and Companies (DMPs/DMCs)
  • Visitor and tourist attractions
  • Tour operators
  • Private travel companies
  • Hotels and other accommodation providers
  • Hospitality and event venues
  • Outdoor leisure companies
  • Sports and fitness companies
  • Sporting bodies and organisations


Whether it is a small business, a high-profile visitor attraction or sporting venue, a world-famous travel destination or a charity with national reach, you can be assured of the same level of focus, attention and professional service.

You can find out more about my professional experience here in the UK and overseas on my profile on LinkedIn here.


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