Client: Stonebridge Golf Club, Meriden, West Midlands

Stonebridge Golf Clubhouse Entrance


Date: 2015 to date

Brief: monthly or bi-monthly e-newsletter to club members, visitors, clients and customers.

Requirement: Production of copy for e-newsletter in line with marketing aims and current campaigns, via liaison with all key staff and departmental management within the business.

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  • Increase in enquiries and sales for golf membership, day / round fees, food and beverage, and corporate event and domestic function bookings including weddings
  • Increased awareness and profile products and services across all parts of the business
  • Established a regular communication channel between golf members and non-members, patrons and external parties with details of club news and offers of relevance.

Client: LNBP Community Boating (formerly London Narrow Boat Project)

LNBP celebrate 40th anniversary in 2021

Date: 2016 to date

Brief: quarterly e-newsletter to members, officials, trustees, supporters, donors, clients and customers.

Requirement: Production of copy and design of e-newsletter in line with current marketing aims and current campaigns; to also include latest news and details of forthcoming events. All production is in conjunction and liaison with all key personnel, Executive Committee and management within the business.

Recent examples:


  • The periodic e-newsletter has established a valuable and at times (i.e. during Covid) crucial regular communication channel between members and non-members, patrons and external parties with details of the organisation's news and forthcoming events.
  • Increased awareness and profile of the project, its services and its offering to target user groups
  • Increase in enquiries and bookings for group holiday weekends and midweek trips by community groups and organisations

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