Travel writing article goes international

An interesting request from overseas has recently come my way on the back of my recent article on a Walking Tour of Rugby.

You may recall that my feature – which you can find here - was kindly covered by the team at the World Rugby Museum in London for the World Rugby Museum blog. It had a specific focus on the rugby-related visitor attractions here in Rugby, the birthplace of the game.

Following its publication and circulation, it has been picked up and now been covered also for a Spanish-speaking audience.

It all came about after being kindly approached by Mario Ornat, editor of Revista H, a Spanish magazine  devoted to all things rugby.  They have used articles from the World Rugby Museum blog, translated them and uploading them to their website for their audience.

The result is my article has been adapted, translated and now covered here.

Revistah also shared the feature off their website across social media too, and the subsequent interest and the response has been very impressive.




So a great return so far from this one article, which from the outset and putting the ideas down on paper I never imagined would have generated so much interest.

Who knows, when life returns to normality post-coronavirus we may see an influx of visitors from Spain and the continent that are keen to see the sights and experience ‘the walk’ here in Rugby for themselves.

Watch this space!





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