The value of reliable expertise when you need it most

It is always great when a project comes to fruition and especially having reliable suppliers who are experts in their field on hand to help along the way.

So a big thank you goes out to one of my long standing suppliers Dinesh Fernando at Web Growth Consulting Ltd for assistance with the recent website refresh project for my boating charity client LNBP Community Boating at Braunston.

LNBP celebrate 40th anniversary in 2021

LNBP 40th anniversary in 2021

As you may have seen on one of my earlier posts (here), LNBP are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2021 and they agreed on a revamp exercise of their existing website which was over five years old.  Dinesh has worked with me on LNBP's website and its search engine optimisation for several years now to great effect.  So this latest working would be one he is well acquainted with.

Having reviewed all aspects of the website's performances, Dinesh came up with a plan and a choice of user-friendly themes which would keep LNBP's branding at the forefront whilst also further improving all the vital functionality, speed and user experience of the site.

Once again, Dinesh has delivered a super job, meeting the brief, and on time and on budget. Check out the results by clicking on the link to their website HERE

LNBP Community Boating website - March 2021

LNBP Community Boating website - March 2021



A huge thank you again to Dinesh for his work. Find out more about him and Web Growth Consulting here or call him on 01788 844014.





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