Helping new start-ups for a new year

So the latter stages of 2020 are upon us and well, I’ll say it, it has been some year.

But after everything that the last 12 months has thrown at us, as always a new year brings new hope as well as being a perfect time to take stock of everything in our lives and set goals and desires for the months ahead; although many of us have had ample chance to do this already this year.


As we head out of one, the dawn of another is the ideal time to make changes; a fresh start or finally getting round to doing something about those long held ideas and plans we have always thought about and dreamed of. For many, those plans extend to starting out on a new business or venture, starting a new year afresh with that leap of faith.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping a number of new businesses in fine-tuning their marketing and promotional requirements with my copywriting services. Writing copy for web pages, sales letters, brochures, social media and PR and media material have tended to be my main requests where new businesses are concerned, that’s not to say several other of my services have also been tapped into (after all, there is plenty I can offer: see here)

And during 2020 that has been no different. In fact the last 6-9 months has seen a marked increase in enquiries I have received for help, advice and assistance from new start-ups, many of which have subsequently led to ongoing projects and requirements to fulfil.

So why the increase?

The conclusion I have come to is something like this.

The impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic  has made many people re-evaluate many aspects of their everyday lives.  The enforced changes in our lives from being at home – either working from home or furloughed , and home schooling – has made them question do they want to continue as they have been? Is there a better way?

The impact of Covid has created bit of fresh thinking or, sadly for some, the need to change has been forced up on them by job losses and redundancy. Either way the upshot has seen a surge in many people deciding to start up new businesses either on a part-time capacity or go it alone full-time.

And as a result the more traditional pattern of seeing new start-ups emerge at the turn of a new year has, for 2020 at least, been more evenly spread across the year.

So where do I come in?

What has been a consistent thread though is that many people can have a great business idea whether it be a product or service (and believe me I have come across some truly fascinating ones), but many are unsure how to explain and sell their products and services in a clear, concise way.

Some people are able to do it – with it has to be said, varying success. Yet, for many - and by their own admission - they simply struggle and cannot quite get their message across, however hard they might try. At least that tends to be the general pattern of the enquiries I receive from new start-ups.

This is where I can help.

I have over 15 years’ experience of producing structured marketing and promotional copy for a wide range of print and digital sales and marketing resources. Everything from sales letters, brochures and booklets, web pages, e-newsletters, blogs, articles, video scripts, social media and much more.

Bear in mind I have been there and was a new start-up myself once, and appreciate there is a lot to think about and get in place.  Getting your marketing right and being able to accurately and effectively promote and sell your product and service is just one cog in the small business machine.

And as always I would be welcome to help you start off on your business adventure.

 If you require help with writing marketing and promotional copy for your new business or venture, why not get in touch for a chat to see how I can help.
Call me for a no obligation consultation on 01788 542441 or 07775 883102, or email me at and I will be happy to discuss your potential requirements.



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