What is content marketing and how can it help your business?

In my last post I suggested that content marketing will be even more prominent and prove its worth in a post-Covid world.

(In case you have not seen the article already, the link is here)

But just what is content marketing and how can it make an impact on your marketing efforts?


Content marketing is a strategy with a focus on creating, publishing and distributing relevant and valuable marketing and brand content. Instead of simply informing your audience about your new products, services and promotions, the whole focus is to engage with your target market, to connect with your audience and build relationships with them.

This focus is coveted largely across the popular social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.) by using content such as video to start those conversations, to engage with that audience and create that brand awareness, and ultimately drive leads and sales in your direction.

And content marketing is becoming increasingly attractive to businesses because of the typical high return on investment compared to other forms of traditional advertising. An interesting statistic I came across recently said that on average, businesses using content marketing gain more than twice as many leads as those who don’t.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that more and more businesses and organisations share stories to make the audience more familiar with them. It is all about adding value for your existing or potential customers independently of any products sold. And it is this value that will one day come back to you in kind by being reciprocated in sales results.


Essentially the long-term goal of content marketing is to generate sales, but in the short-term it is all about engagement with your potential customers.  And producing content that is both relevant and compelling will achieve the aim of engaging with them at the right point in their buying consideration process.


Great ways you can use content marketing

Here are a few suggestions of content marketing that I have helped businesses and organisations produce.

  • Blogging
  • Long-form content
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Podcast/interview

If you are not using content marketing or any or all of these methods as part of your marketing efforts, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to showcase your products and services and generate sales.



Can I help with developing a range of content marketing resources for your business?

Perhaps I can assist with developing and producing a strategy for your content marketing mix?

I have over 15 years’ experience of producing structured copy for a wide range of print and digital sales and marketing resources, all aligned to a variety of marketing plans and campaigns.

So why not get in touch for a chat to see how I can help.

Call me for a no obligation consultation on 01788 542441 or 07775 883102, or email me at karl@karlquinney.co.uk and I will be happy to discuss your plans and potential requirements in greater detail.


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