As any sales director or marketer or owner of a business or organisation will tell you, having a great product or service is one thing.

However, having great marketing copy to promote and sell that product or service is so important; and in an ever-competitive selling environment, more important than ever before.


Here are two good reasons why:

  1.  Pretty pictures and fancy graphics don't sell. They may look great and capture attention, but it is the words that do the selling, and
  2. then using the right words in the right way can be the difference between sales of your product, the use of your services and receiving future business; or not.

As a copywriter, I manage the marketing and promotional requirements for a number of business and charitable organisation clients across a number of industry sectors.

These sectors are

  • Travel and Tourism,
  • Sport
  • Leisure
  • Fitness

I produce marketing and promotional copy for:-

  •  Direct marketing and promotional material - including sales letters, brochures, leaflets, e-mail ‘e-shots’, conference packs
  • Newsletters – both in print and electronically
  • Press and Media releases
  • Advertising
  • Editorial and advertorial features
  • Company websites
  • Online content and blogs
  • Social media posts


So whether it is sales letters, brochures, leaflets, newsletters (print and online), technical documents, instruction guides, annual reports, video scripts, updates to your Twitter or Facebook pages or blog articles, I can help.

If you have a forthcoming requirement or project in mind where my services and expertise could be invaluable, please feel free to get in touch to discuss matters further.

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